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Municipal Water

Products designed to address water treatment challenges faced by municipalities including the removal of natural and emerging contaminants present in groundwater, well water and surface water sources used by public water supply systems as well as addressing the residual effects of disinfection.

Residential / Commercial Water

Products designed to address “potable” water challenges that arise downstream from the municipality in residential, commercial, and institutional environments incuding POE and POU applications. Includes the removal of DBPs and other contaminants that may accumulate from during distribution, improving water aesthetics, and preserving delivery system and fixtures by mitigating any corrosive or scale potential.

Ground Water & Wastewater

Products designed to address the cleanup and remediation of groundwater contaminated by organic and inorganic compounds including radioactive elements and emerging contaminants like PFAS and Hexavalent Chromium. Also pertains to products and services that address water reuse or discharge compliance standards set forth by the EPA and RCRA including the reduction of total dissolved solids (TDS), inorganic compounds, or heavy metals.

Power Generation

Products designed to address challenges faced by public & private utility operators including nuclear, fossil, and co-generation power stations worldwide. Some applications include make-up feed water treatment, condensate polishing, and radwaste treatment.

Industrial Water

Products designed to address industrial challenges with boiler feedwater, steam generation, bacteria control, metal finishing, electro-discharge machining (EDM), and closed-loop operations related to manufacturing.

Spot-Free Rinse

Products are designed to reduce labor and water consumption associated with rinsing cars, boats and RVs, window washing, part washing, and glassware rinsing by reducing hardness, silica, and TDS.

Ultrapure Water

Products designed to ensure water meets ASTM / USP specifications for the highest purity applications including semiconductor and microelectronics manufacturing, pharmaceutical, medical and scientific laboratories, and water for injection (WFI).

Aquarium & Aquaculture

Products designed to support optimal water quality for water farming and aquarium environments of varying salinity. Includes conventional deionization and color indicator resins as well as granular carbon and adsorbent media that are selective for specific contaminants.

Radwaste Treatment

Nuclear power plants will generate low level contaminated liquid waste from floor runoff, washing operations, and fuel pool maintenance that can be treated to concentrate the contaminants and reduce the volume of waste.


The acidic wastewater resulting from mining operations requires treatment in order to prevent adverse impacts to rivers and streams wastewater.

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